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What are Insta hashtags meaning?

The hashtags for Insta is like a metadata tag we used on all social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram and linked. An Instagram hashtag is a keyword or phrase introduced by (#) hash symbol that people use it in there posts.

Instagram hashtags generator
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Basically, Hashtag makes your post reachable to all other people with similar interest, even if they are not our Instagram followers or friends.

For instance, lets say you are a traveler and you want to look for the places you havent been.

For example, you want to go to kedarnath then simply write #kedarnath on instagram search menu and you will get all the feed, latest posts and reels of kedarnath.  

The results you see on this feed are the collection posts of any users who used “#kedarnath″ in their posts

How to find the best hashtags for Insta?

  • You can use Instagram hashtag generator tools like Ingramer and all- hashtag.com
  • You can get trending hashtag ideas for Instagram from explore page but explore page shows trending content of your interest & search history.

You can use the explore page to search top and relevant hashtag for your content or page.

Lets example –

Let say you have a page of “poetry” & you have to post content on poetry using relevant & top hashtags.

hashtags for insta
  1. Go to the explore page and search for your relevant hashtags
  2. Tap on the search icon
  3. Type your hashtag let say “poetry”.
  4. Choose “Tags”
  5. Copy and paste that tags in your caption while you posting your content.

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Top trending hashtag for Insta

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #fashion
  5. #beautiful
  6. #happy
  7. #cute
  8. #tbt
  9. #like4like
  10. #followme
  11. #picoftheday
  12. #follow
  13. #me
  14. #selfie
  15. #summer
  16. #art
  17. #instadaily
  18. #friends
  19. #repost
  20. #nature

What Instagram hashtags are banned?

The restricted Instagram hashtag will be hashtags that Instagram clients have detailed on the grounds that the posts utilizing them conflict with Instagram’s rules.

This implies that any post that utilizes that hashtag will be covered up, which will just damage your natural reach and development endeavours. 

Banned hashtag are continually changing, in view of local area reports and Instagram’s examinations. Surprisingly, Instagram does not distribute a summary of currently restricted hashtags, yet that’s why such articles exist!

The List of Banned Instagram Hashtags from A-Z


alone, always, armparty, adulting, assday, ass, abdl, assworship, addmysc, asiangirl,


beautyblogger, brain, boho, besties, bikinibody


costumes, curvygirls


date, dating, desk, dm, direct


elevator, eggplant, edm




girlsonly, gloves, graffitiigers


happythanksgiving, hawks, hotweather, humpday, hustler


ilovemyinstagram, iphonegraphy, italiano, ice




killingit, kansas, kissing, kickoff


leaves, like, lulu, lean,


master, milf, mileycyrus, models, mustfollow


nasty, newyearsday, nude, nudism, nudity,


overnight, orderweedonline


parties, petite, pornfood, pushups, prettygirl,




rate, ravens


samelove, selfharm, skateboarding, skype, snap, snapchat, single, singlelife, stranger, saltwater, shower, shit, sopretty, sunbathing, streetphoto, swole, snowstorm, sun, sexy


tanlines, todayimwearing, teens, teen, thought, tag4like, tagsforlikes, thighs






workflow, wtf





How do you know if a hashtag is banned?

Banned insta hashtags
  • Open your account and go to the explore page
  • Type your Insta hashtags in search bar
  • After this, if those hashtag are not visible on search result then it completely means this hashtag is banned.
  • Insta hashtags can be banned temporarily or permanently. that means it might be banned next it might be back

What is your strategy in Instagram hashtag selection should be?

Do you really need engagement on your posts?

Do you think searching and applying any hashtags will give you a good reach?

The answer is “NO” until and unless we don’t make any strategy for doing something then the things will not work automatically.

i have tried and tested strategies which i am working upon.

So I’m giving you some tips on what i am doing and i have done with hashtag strategy.

  • Research up to 30 hashtags. Consider them as lottery tickets to explore
  • you have to select 5 hashtags from each range group: – 1-10k, 10-100k, 100–500k, 500k-1M, 1-10M
  • Use branded and relevant community hashtags but don’t overdo it.
  • I have an account of poetry then I will find hashtags for insta relative to my community (poetry, writers)
  • Study and check your competitors and top influencers to find what the best Instagram hashtags for likes they are using which is relative in your niche.
  • Use trending hashtag for Instagram.
  • Don’t overuse higher competition hashtags or else you will run out from the competition
  • Try to use more 10-10k and 10-80 k hashtags.
  • Hashtags in the caption work too but don’t be spammy. A few scattered out or neatly at the bottom help.
  • Don’t use the same hashtag for every post.

Some more additional tips for Instagram :

  • Tag people in your Insta posts.
  • Use location to get engagement from that location.
  • Go to advance setting which is at the bottom when we write a caption and write alt text relative of the post.
  • You can use 10 hashtags on your story you may hide it from sticker or gif.
  • Make polls on a story that will definitely increase your engagement rate.
  • Reels will help you to get engagement on your Insta account.
  • Best day to posts reels is on Thursday and Friday.
  • Try to join engagement groups for fast engagement on posts.

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