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Like mobiles, laptop to have become necessary nowadays, we mostly depend on laptops, it is better to get laptop under 2000 rather than costly computer. If you have to do any small work then it will be easy. There is also a lot of benefits to taking a laptop, you can carry it anywhere, It is light in weight, it does not take up as much space as it takes to keep the computer and you can carry it in a bag easily. Before buying any laptop, you must now see what you need, what basic things do you need to do on daily basis. before buying or investing money on the laptop you should know what is your purpose of buying and according to that choose your laptop what matches to your needs like we get in Laptop Under 20000 is Windows 10, 1TB HDD storage and SDD storage is hardly available in this price range may not be available to you, but you can apply 1 TB storage option after this. If you want it, then you will not get more than 4 GB ram and full HD+ display don’t expect more within 20000 price range. Battery life will get a minimum of 4 hours of battery life if you want to do office work or school work, then you can crack it but you can not use high gaming and video editing but you can use this better for study purpose and entertainment.

List of best laptop under 20000 are :-

Asus X543MA
Asus X 543 MA is the first laptop which comes under 20000 Within this laptop, windows 10 pre-installed we will be able to see Intel Celeron with dual-core processors, it will give good performance with this price around 20000 so its price keeps getting fluctuating. I am recommending you take this laptop, it will be ready for you here when you get to see the 4GB, which we can upgrade and if we talk about the display then it has a 15.6-inch display which is available in which we will be able to do plain things. When talking about USB port, here we can we use 3.2 type A port and 2x USB 2.0 type A here we don’t have any CD drive but here we can access micro sd card. Physically we can get here combo 3.5 mm audio jack with this we can easily connect any output like speaker, earphone or headphone so we can do for what we need so it’s very flexible if we talk about battery life it gives 3-4 hours backup for battery life. Here we also get 1 year of warranty we can easily claim if we will get any issue. Asus X543MA is my first laptop preference under 20000 budget.

laptop under 20000

Asus X543MA Specifications

BrandAsus X543MA
Display15.6 inches
ProcessorIntel Celeron Dual Core N4000
Weight1.90 Kg
Dimension 381 x 251 x 27.2 mm
Graphics ProcessorIntel Iris Plus Graphics
PriceRs. 20,990

Acer one 14
Here we will get and dual-core A6-7350B a6 APU with 7th generation. CPU has a base clock with 3 GHz boost frequency so for performance dual-core CPU works very good together with 4Gb DDR4 Ram to which we can expand it to 32 GB which is a benefit for us and 1TB HDD storage which is big storage so we can install games and software we can also add SDD later is required but if you want we get 1TB HDD Within which we can do all things. 2 USB port 2.0 is available and one 3.1 type a port is available RJ 45 jack within this 3.5 mm audio jack. Let’s talk about battery backup You get to see inside this laptop is around 3-4 hours battery life which is adequate under this 20000 price range you cannot see better battery under this price. Within this laptop, we will see 14-inch HD display which is antique layer display and about the weight of this laptop which is around 1.8 kg and windows 10 is pre-installed in it. It also gives us 1 year of warranty if any issue happens we can claim it by visiting near Acer service centres otherwise this is the best laptop under 20000 you can go for it.

laptop under 20000

Acer One 14 Specifications

BrandAcer one 14
Display14 inches
ProcessorAMD Dual Core A6-7350B
Weight1.8 Kg
Dimension344 x 232 x 23.8 mm
Graphics ProcessorAMD Radeon R5

Avita essentials
Avita essentials come up with intel Celeron N4000 with 4 GB of ram but we couldn’t get here HDD ram instead of it we will get 256 GB SDD storage which is a good thing because under this 20000 price range we hardly get to see SDD storage in avita laptop but here it comes up with this SSD and also with fast bootup within this we are not able to upgrade this SSD. Here we can get pre-installed windows 10 s mode under s mode means we cannot get any additional software support but we can download any applications from Microsoft store moreover the applications we want in our daily needs we can easily find on Microsoft store. This is perfect under 20000 if you want a laptop for office task, study purpose or entertainment. 14-inch HD display we get which it will perform well if wanna upgrade it later there we can see micro sd slot within this we can use micro sd card 128 GB it will support. 128 GB expandable via micro sd or you can also buy an external hard drive. Only go for Avita if you have Avita centres near you otherwise this is a good branded laptop under 20000. Do you want to know about best mobiles phone in India under 10,000?

laptop under 20000

Avita Essentials Specification

Display14 inches
Processor dual-core Intel Celeron N4000 (clocked at 2.6GHz)
Weight1.37 Kg
Resolution1,920x1,080 pixel
Graphics ProcessorIntel UHD Graphics 600

Lenovo Ideapad 330
This is the last laptop from my suggestion which comes under the price of 20000 is Lenovo Ideapad 330. Here we will get 15.6 inch full HD display along with 7TH GENERATION CORE INTEL I3-7020U | 2.3 GHz processor. That will give us a very good performance. if you have a low budget or under 20000 then the Ideapad 330 laptop is worth purchasing. you can also get additional GeForce GTX 1050 graphics chip but at a cost. Ideapad 330 gives an offer of single and double storage. Ideapad 330 come up with 1 TB HDD/4GB DDR4 storage which is enough for your office tsk or study purpose. but if wanna upgrade it you can use SSD card and expand up to 128 GB to 256 GB. For connectivity Ideapad comes with USB A port and USB C port is also available for Bluetooth connectivity and support wireless ac connectivity. It gives us battery backup upto 3 – 4 hours if we use heavy software and about the weight of this laptop which is around 2.1 kg and windows 10 is pre-installed in it. It also gives us 1 year of warranty if any issue happens we can claim it by visiting near Lenovo service centres. This is the last best lenovo laptop which comes under 20000 in my suggestion list. Also visit flipkart if you are looking for 330 series.

laptop under 20000

Lenovo Ideapad 330 Specification

Accordion Sample De
Display15.6 inches full HD
ProcessorIntel Celeron Dual Core 9000
Resolution1366x768 pixels
Graphics ProcessorCeleron Dual Core

You can also watch video for better information

So these are the best 4 laptop which I hardly recommended under 20000. I hope you loved reading this post


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