han seo hee
han seo hee

Han seo hee is not a famous artist nor an idol debuting in a group but whenever her name is mentioned most k-pop fans know even after receiving a prison sentence for smoking marijuana with top of big bang she has become a nightmare of Korean sobis.

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So Instead of keeping quiet and hiding from the public, she is constantly active on social media even when she speaks positive things about feminism seo hee always shocks people with her aggressive and reckless sayings han seo hee is especially known for continuously exposing washi idols which make this company’s fans always avoid her when seeing her name.

Does star han seo hee really come from a wealthy family? | Controversy

Seo hee was born in 1995 to a wealthy family, she often appears with expensive cars and wearing high-end brands.

Based on a source han seohee father owns a well-known company and her mother is the principal of a private school.

She was scouted by JYP entertainment to be a trainee and then transferred to jellyfish entertainment and almost had the opportunity to debut with g-friend. Thanks to her wealthy background and being a trainee in many companies in the past

han seo hee scandal

Han seo hee relationships :-

Seo hee has a wide network of relationships in the idle world in addition to the troublesome and noisy relationship with top of the big bang and former icon member bihan. she was also a close friend of goo hara.

She also posted photos of her hanging out with two gurudev members naoyong and hannah they are closed because there were trainees at jellyfish at the same time besides according to what has here revealed she also knew model kim ki bomand used to meet via BTS and tvxq.

 Who is han seo hee

what is han seo hee scandal? The unshakable Korean actress controversies

In 2017 she got caught in a scandal with tough the two being acquainted after being introduced by mutual funds and smoked marijuana four times in October 2016 at top’s house she was arrested in March 2017 for purchasing and consuming marijuana and the hallucinogenic drug and many times.

In order to get a lighters sentence she chose to cooperate with the police in the investigations finally she received a four-year sentence of probation.

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Is she holding the secrets of many k-pop celebrities?

han seo hee gradually became an obsession for k-pop fans in general and yg fans in particular in mid-2019 when dispatch reported that bi bought and used Mariana and lsd in 2016.

who is han seohee

She continued to testify she is the one who bought drugs for bi she even revealed that ceo young himself repeatedly covered for the artists under his company, according to sahih she was intimidated by young hanzo and offered to move to us for three months to avoid being investigated and protect bi moreover.

Henoi revealed that isun hoon of winner once texted her to try to settle the case involving the former leader of the icon.

From the revelations of Hansahi yg entertainment went from a k-pop empire to a scandalous agency due to these events bi the leader and aids of icon then announced to leave the group yankansa also officially resigned as the ceo of yg but he did not stop at.

just yg hanzo he then continued to reveal negative information via BTS and two members of mustax. She said that she met bts v at a nightclub when she was 19 years old.

Notably v and seohee are the same age both were born in 1995 therefore at that time.

Both seohee and v were considered under age and not allowed to enter nightclub she also revealed that mood kimki bom was the one who brought v to the club i met v because kim ki bom took him to the club i didn’t know v but i’m close to kibam and he took v with him.

Han seohee stated as for monsta x hansoy accused hernu of dating a married woman and one hole of owning money to transgender boy chung ban for six years without paying back the incident severely affected the reputation of monsta x

why she is showing off her luxurious life despite controveries?

Following many controversies instead of being silent and repentant she did the opposite on her instagram she continues to show off the lavish lifestyle.

Even admitting to dating celebrities smoking and using drugs she once posted on her personal account the photo of her being handcuffed and wearing prison clothes with the caption memories.

who is han seo hee

Han seo travelled to many places during probation in july 2018 and so he came to Vietnam despite being banned from exit korea from june 2017.She even posted a photo of her wearing vietnamese traditional dress outside.

while smoking cigarettes this is to anchor the vietnamese online community in june when she appeared at the seoul prosecutor’s office to testify of the case of former yg CEO yang.

she threatening witnesses and covering up artists who bought and sold illegal drugs hansel carried expensive carrybags she appeared in a relaxed mood and comfortably received interviews from the journalists.

She used to be in a relationship with a celebrity transgender changdan but not long after that she posted photos of her being bitten and accused her partner of being violent through social media she is a feminist who often speaks about feminism with extravagant and aggressive attitudes.

The ex-girlfriend of top often questions why men and women received different treatment in similar contexts although many things seohee said were quite positive the way she expressed her opinion was very aggressive.

she even claimed that her approach to public opinion is being controversial it’s impossible for the public to understand whether she really wants to spread awareness of feminism or just uses it as a tool to seek attention.

In the afternoon of july 10th korean media quoted the country’s ministry of justice and reported that she was tested positive for drugs according to the verdict received in 2017 seohee will be sentenced to three years in prison if recidivating.

Some more information about han seo hee south korean actress:-

Han seo hee is talented she was even rumored to become a member of the girl group g’friend or Google done horrid on one of the biggest girl groups of today.

Unfortunately for han seo hee suffered from various mental disorders and depression and she was not able to make a big debut in the entertainment world.

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What are Han seo hee beliefs ?

There isn’t much information on what Han seo hee religion but belief is but it is rumoured that she’s Christian also Han seo hee has used her platform to speak her mind and has even gone live broadcast on Instagram.

she’s often questioned why men and women are treated differently in identical contacts and admitted to being a feminist for over a year after.she was introduced to it through a female-only community well most of the things she’s been saying are positive the monitor she voices her opinions comes off as very aggressive.she’s even declared her approach to be purposely controversial.

han seo even posted this message in Instagram I’m only an angry feminist when you’re an ignorant misogynistic asshole the rise of women does not mean the fall of men.when he asked for equal rights why unless you assume that I want to be treated like a man hunter she has also expressed her opinion on abortion .

what are her thoughts she was encouraging Korean women to vote in a position in favor of abortion along with that in this message.she attached a picture with a black and white portrait of the female reproductive system with one of the fallopian tubes rising a middle finger although she was a great support of feminism.

she later changed her mind by making a statement such as I will stop any statement about feminism both online and offline as of today.I will stop telling selling merchandise with feminist desire she also added I don’t know what to do when I see those people who took advantage of my feminism support that’s at knife in my back.

I have no power now handling those people please think of what you did rise I kept making statements even though people talk shit about me at that time you gave me compliments Wow.

so you know those same people are so what did you do about feminism people are pathetic.

finally she said I really regret what I’ve done due to feminism I became a trash girl and I had to go through many things I didn’t get anything you guys are also planning to stab in the back to the female artist who spoke up about feminism.

This time right I hope you don’t do this to me only although those were her claims her website dashi doc kris still up she has also spoken out as anti-trans she posted I am definitely not queerphobic.

I’m just saying I can’t support transgender people am i hitting on all sexual minorities.

han seo hee scandals

just they tighten all that of course that’s a woman have instead of taking them off and I think the only created discomfort for a real woman by trapping women standards within the frame they consider to be feminine just as a white person saying they’re gonna become black.

I believe they’re deteriorating women’s rights instead of improving them when have they ever spoken up from the rights of woman what is a female that they speak up they say that since they’re mentally a woman they can be a woman but if you can switch genders.

Just because you want to and feel like it then why are there only two genders in this world you cannot change your gender if you could have then the concept of feminism probably wouldn’t have been created?

So where is Han seo hee now currently?

it’s unknown if Han seo hee is a trainee for a company she currently has an Instagram account that’s private with 518 followers even when searching the tag han seo i found it’s private nothing shows up from what I remember she often posts risky pictures and pictures of designer clothing.

han was so post videos of her singing and dancing han was even rumored to have a net worth of five hundred thousand dollars I don’t trust my source in regards to her net worth.

But she does own a clothing brand and website called – Egypt they are inspired by her beliefs and feminism which both her beliefs and website have some interesting and juicy controversies.

How old is Han Seo Jun?

Han seo jun is about 18-21 years old

How tall is Han So Hee?

She is 1.65 m tall

Is Jung Da Eun a boy or girl?

Han Seo Hee also refuted Jung Da Eun is a transgender man throughout the past, although reports from 2016 revealed Jung Da Eun had been in the process of transitioning from female to male.

Is Jugyeong dating Seojun?

Seojun professed his feelings to her as he led her home. They began dating after Jugyeong accepted his proposal


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